Free NOKIA Flash Player And Step By Stape Description , Full Version

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You can flash your dead Nokia transportable by yourself employing a USB information cable connectivity cable. The tool, that is needed to flash the phone, is Nokia's Phoenix Service package. Please keep in mind that you just will perform a made flash on your phone as long as its microcode has been lost or corrupted. If your phone isn't turning on attributable to any hardware issue, then this procedure won't work for it. To flash a dead Nokia transportable, follow the below steps:

1. transfer and install the Phoenix Service package

2. transfer the microcode of your phone. {you will|you\'ll|you\'ll be able to} transfer it         with Navigator or can search it on the online

3. Install the microcode to the directory C:\\Program Files\\Nokia\\Phoenix\\Products\\Folder*

4. The Folder* ought to be created manually for the involved microcode, if it\'s not created throughout microcode installation. If the microcode files area unit in sort of .zip or the other compression, then extract/copy the microcode files to the required location. as an example, for keeping the microcode files of  RM-240, the situation are C:\\Program Files\\Nokia\\Phoenix\\Products\\RM-240

5. The higher than mentioned location is default for Phoenix Service package. If you\'ve got put in the Phoenix Service package in an exceedingly totally different location, then ensure to stay the folder with microcode files among product folder
6. once made installation, launch Phoenix Service package

7. Connect your transportable victimization the USB information cable/connectivity cable of the phone

8. choose \"No Connection\" in Phoenix Service package window as shown below
   Your phone will be restarted after successful flash. And you can enjoy your phon.                                                      

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