Thursday, July 18, 2013 What is mobile phone Flash ?
If you are like the majority nowadays you have got a mobile phone and like most people you do not keep on with identical carrier forever. once you modification carriers you wish a phone that may work on their network therefore you have got 2 selections, get a phone through your new carrier and acquire barred into a 1 or 2 year contract or use your current phone on their network. for many folks the most cost effective and best resolution is to use your current phone. therefore phone Flashing. Flashing is that the method of loading Carrier specific files to handsets from different carriers so as to attach the phone to the new carrier.

How tough is it ?
There are some sensible down loadable mobile phone flashing programs out there that may guide you threw reprogramming your mobile phone to use on several different carriers. If you have got basic laptop information and a USB cable virtually anyone will Flash or reprogram a mobile phone. to start use a Flashing program on the net otherwise you will attempt one I actually have had nice success with at victimization this package in conjunction with the videos and tutorials i used to be ready to flash my phone in ten minutes with no expertise. explore for instruction on your specific phone. See the video below. this can offer you a decent summary of what you\'ll be doing. Your Flashing program might not match the video precisely however you\'ll get the concept. you ought to be ready to complete the method in regarding 10 to fifteen minutes once setup. you\'ll be Flashing a CDMA phone to a CDMA carrier. See an outline of the 2 major networks below.

What tools need to  Flash My Phone ?
1.) Flashing package ( that you\'ll be able to transfer )
2.) A USB cable for the phone you are flashing
3.) A laptop with Windows 2000 or Newer, a USB Port, 800Mhz+, 256MB RAM
4.) A CDMA cell phone( see below )

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